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Excellence and commercial improvement in Further and Higher Education.

At XEER we deliver improvement programmes that are contextualised for the sector. All our consultants have a minimum of ten years relevant experience, with the majority having held senior posts in the sector or in successful commercial enterprises.


All consultants are agreed with you on a case by case and person by person basis in advance. You are supplied with comprehensive details and a C.V. for each consultant, together with a list of their qualifications and competencies. This ensures that you get what you pay for, and are provided with the actual, experienced person you chose, rather than a substitute or recent graduate without the key experience which you need.


We deliver our support as your partners, and embed the skills we bring with us, into your organisation, so your staff continues to deliver improved results after we have gone. We can help develop your strategic documents and goals, or work to ones you have already developed and approved, such as Organisational strategy, Quality Improvement Plans, Quality Assurance Programmes, Self-Assessment Reviews, People Strategies, Information Governance, I.T strategy, sales and marketing strategy.


Across our key areas of support, all advice, programmes, workshops, courses and deliverables are delivered in context. This contextualisation of material, enables your staff to quickly access and practice the improvement suggestions we make. Being in context for education, we further spend time with you to ensure the support is then specifically fine-tuned for your staff, so that the learning experience is deep. We additionally offer and recommend for most of our courses that you consider the XEER Action Learning Model™. This offers support for delegates to workshops for up to three months after the workshop on an individual and group basis. This methodology has been proven to be the most effective way to train adults, leading to retained knowledge and changed behaviours to deliver measurably improved outcomes.




Key areas of support you can access now:

(see  ‘Downloads’ for more details and brochures)

1.       Sales and marketing

a.  Digital marketing training and coaching. Improve your performance and income using evidence based marketing

b.      Automated digital marketing for increased student numbers

c.       Better employer and business to business relationships

d.      Consultative sales training to deliver long term profitable relationships

2.       Website improvement and mobile device marketing

a.       Website review and improvement

b.      Search Engine Optimisation workshops

c.       Application development for mobile devices

d.      Digital Asset Management

3.       Increasing your commercial offering

a.       Commercial review of the organisation with detailed reporting and recommendations.

b.      Marketing (focus on digital marketing) and consultative sales review and recommendations.

c.       Workshops to improve business development (Digital marketing and consultative sales skills)

d.      Software application development process and management (including desktop and mobile ‘Apps’).

4.       Commercial offerings from your Intellectual Property

a.       Identifying I.P. with market value

b.      Creation of strategic plans

c.       Marketplace launches

d.      Staffing and funding

e.      Software application development process and management (including desktop and mobile ‘Apps’).

f.        Bid and proposal writing

g.       Marketing and sales

5.       International expansion and support

a.       Development of common digital media for global use (one source of the truth)

b.      Digital Asset Management systems reviews

c.       Supporting your franchise operations globally

6.       Staff development and re-focussing (including behavioural agreements)

a.       Coaching: Face to face, or over the internet (ideal for busy people, the XEER SkyCoach™ internet based system allows face to face video coaching).

b.      Organisational restructuring including downsizing and rightsizing

c.       Outsourcing and insourcing

d.      Behavioural contracts

e.      Performance management and measurement

f.        H.R. supplemental skills or outsourced HR functions

7.       Management development courses

a.    Complete end to end management skills developments for managers
b.       Project management
c.       Large scale projects and programmes
d.      New I.T systems selection and implementation
e.       Transformation projects
f.      Software application development process and management (including desktop and mobile ‘Apps’).

8.       Procurement
a.       OJEU sized procurements for local and national government, charities, colleges, universities and the public sector.
b.      Restructuring procurement operations to deliver measureable improvements in value, and lower costs. Improving performance.
c.       E-Procurement
d.      E-Commerce


We only offer consultancy services in areas where we possess or have acquired demonstrable expertise.


No knowledge or information obtained during the consultancy process is disseminated to third parties.

Do you want to get to know us personally?

We would be pleased to discuss the key points of your future corporate objectives with you in a consultancy interview.

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