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We travel to your site and location is not a problem.

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Top ways to optimise your Digital Asset Management (DAM ) for mobile devices. Our speaker video slideshow from the UCAS conference: 



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Services and expertise

We develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of management. These solutions are rooted in our experience from many years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors. Get a better understanding of our services and expertise here.

Supportive project based consulting projects to improve your outcomes.


 We specialise in 'Commercial readiness reviews' to provide, guidance and implementation of processes and methods for measureable success. These reviews are focussed on the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital marketing and consultative sales processes and skill sets. The outcome is to increase your sales, your profitability and monetise your intellectual property.

Our other key areas include management training courses, individual and team coaching (including our internet based ‘SkyCoach™’ programme), whole organisation reviews and business development. Our section ‘Services and expertise’ has more details of what we offer, and the tab ‘Markets we serve’ shows who we do it with.



With services for marketing review, digital marketing review, digital marketing training, sales process review and realignment and consultative sales training, we transform your business leading you to greater brand visibility, and improved ROI from your teams.


Interim management and consulting support


We also offer short term interim management and leadership solutions, plus 'Tour of Duty' options for longer commitments which align nicely with many turn around options and software development / implementation cycles.


With a wide range of services for delivering and leadership in organisational redesign, digital marketing, and consultative sales training, we transform your business, leading you to greater brand visibility, and improved ROI from your teams. Our expertise in I.T. systems and integration at a strategic level allows us to also act as an ‘Honest broker’ between your needs and the I.T. supplier; we enable your wishes to be translated into technical specifications and back again, so that both sides understand each other and are able to work together to deliver high impact and positive outcomes.



What makes us different?


Unlike others, we have Four methods of engagement from which to choose:


1)     Project based services and consulting. Our range of service options including our 'Commercial Readiness Review' service. Starting with the goal of making you more commercial, we review your digital marketing and marketing mix. We investigate your sales process for consultative sales and map how all these components work together. Then we focus on how you can improve booth areas to drive a measurable increase in ROI for your business. (for more details on our other programmes and support, click the ‘Solutions’ tab.

2)     Three types of Interim support;

  1. Our conventional method of engagement, where you chose who you want, to deliver what you want,  on an agreed short term basis, typically 1 to 12 months or on a day rate based on a number of days per month.
  2. Our revolutionary 'Tour of Duty' option. This gives you a 'full time employee' without any of the risks or expense of using someone who is registered as your employee.
  3. Our 'Olympic coach' programme. Ideal for a transformation or supportive period, where we embed a senior level high performer in your new or existing team. Under their guidance, your team 'learn by doing' so that at the end of the agreed period, the team has been moved rapidly forward, and also has learnt the new skill sets they need.


We provide named consultants, who work under contract for XEER. This means you never have any issues about employment, staffing, pensions or liabilities. We take care of it.



  • All consultants work directly for XEER.
  • All consultants have, or can obtain through your clearance process, current DBS (formerly CRB) clearance for working with vulnerable populations.
  • Professional indemnity insurance is carried by all consultants.
  • XEER is registered as a data controller with the office of the Information Commissioner. We keep all your data safe and secure. All staff having access to data also have DBS clearance. We use the IC guidelines and requirements on a global basis as these are the highest standards required.



The Olympic coach model.

The concept of this is that your soccer team needed to improve their performance dramatically, and you could engage an 'Olympic' level coach to train them, guide them, and teach your existing coach to do the same, you would do so. This s the same concept applied to business.


In marketing, we would embed a senior experienced marketing professional for digital and traditional marketing role improvement. This is also available in sales, senior leadership, transformative leadership, LEAN thinking and HR.

Crisis management

Every corporate act brings its own risks. We offer you comprehensive and personal advice before the emergency occurs.

Crisis management

Management continuity

Thinking about the future before it happens: we travel with you on the path to ordered, coordinated management continuity.

Management continuity

Our other consultancy areas:

  • Marketing and communication
  • Human resources management
  • Performance coaching for senior leaders, team leaders and teams



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