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Whole organisational reviews



Goal: To identify areas of expertise and specific areas for improvement in business operations.

Process summary and outcomes

The focus areas are:

  • Organisational strategy: Clear and clearly communicated. How is strategy developed and implemented? How are effectiveness, efficiency and relevance measured?
  • Strategic bridges: Are there ‘silos of information’ and wasted processes within the organisation?  We will be addressing how to link goals and strategies to specific tactical approaches, and then to deliver tactical programmes and operations.
  • I.T. and technology systems effectiveness, efficiency and engagement. We will be addressing how to improve customer service levels, removing data silos and ensure compliance with Data Protection principles.
  • Staffing and HR in an operational context: Do you have the right people in the right jobs? Are job descriptions and skill sets aligned to reality, and do these in turn support the overall strategy?
  • Organisational development, leadership and management: How do leaders lead? We will be addressing development of leadership skill sets, establishing boundaries and clear measurement using the right KPI’s. We will engage staff in setting and measuring behavioural goals using the XEER Behavioural Matrix™.



Successful implementation of the programme should deliver:

  • A clear and relevant organizational strategy and business plan.
  • Strategic links between different parts of the business, so that each section, e.g. HR or marketing, clearly and directly supports the organisations strategy and goals.
  • Improved professional relationships between staff and managers leading to improved productivity.
  • Reduced liability under the Data Protection Act.
  • I.T systems that support the organisation in a coherent and linked way. This will deliver reduced costs, improved customer service, improved service to students and employers and reduced costs.
  • Every employee knows what to do, and why. They are able to clearly explain the relationship of their work at any given moment, to the success and goals of the organisation.
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